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BSS at a glance

BSS Company is the leader in development and implementation of remote banking service and financial management systems. Founded in 1994. Ranks among TOP-20 Russian largest IT-developers (CNews Analytics).

Our clients

  • Сбербанк России
  • ОАО Банк ВТБ
  • gazprombank
More than 1,700 banks in Russia and CIS

Brand New

  • картинка
    CORREQTS Retail v. 3.3
    A fundamentally new solution for the individuals’ RBS contains a variety of innovations and enhancements.
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    CORREQTS Corporate v. 2.3.10
    New version of CORREQTS Corporate features subsystem “Electronic office” which allows banks to transfer interaction with corporate clients to electronic channels.
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    «RBS BS-Client. Retail Client» v. 2.7.7
    The new version of "RBS BS-Client. Retail Client" v. 2.7.7 features the functionality for compliance with legal requirements for work with PIS HCS.
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    «RBS BS-Client x64» v. 20.1.750
    The new version features a set of services for SME clients and option to work with Bot-Trek Secure Bank module by Group-IB company.
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    «FRAUD-Analysis» v. 4.0
    The new version 4.0 features a function of robust analysis of the RBS user’s workplace thanks to the integration of “FRAUD-Analysis” system with Bot-Trek Secure Bank solution by Group-IB and improvements based on banks’ experience.
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    «Notification Server» v. 2.11
    New version 2.11 supports Linux OS.